Toddlers discover new things every moment!

If you think that your little ones are not ready for math, well, you might be surprised. Now is the perfect time to introduce them to the wonder of mathematics. They are full of curiosity, and would be thrilled to learn something new.

Math for toddlers is not actually difficult, but it can include a lot of hands-on and conceptual activities. Below are some of the beginner math activities you can try at home.

Sorting Shells

sorting shells

Shells come in different shapes and forms. You can buy shells online and nearby if you don’t have something ready at home and they are pretty affordable. Let your toddler group those that have similar shapes together. Add kinetic sand, bury the shells, and let your toddlers dig them for extra fun!

Counting Apples counting apples

A simple and very easy activity to slowly teach toddlers is to count. All you need are apples and bowls. (Other kid-friendly fruit can be substituted for apples.) Start by counting the apples by placing them in a bowl. Then, count the apples by placing them outside the bowl. Not only this is a fun way of counting, it also teaches and enhances motor skills. To start with, let five be the maximum number of apples. Happy counting!

Shapes block

paper crafts

Print out various shapes on two pieces of paper. Make sure they’re colorful. Cut out individual shapes on one paper and start matching them on. Such an easy to max and learn shapes.

When starting for the first time, don’t get discouraged if your toddler seems uninterested. Try slowly incorporating simple counting into activities, and let them play from there.