Paper Airplane App

I am a pre-k teacher and did not understand this series at first. I thought it was an ebook or a game. HoneyDee Labs actually had to walk me through it over the phone. Once I understood how it worked, I was blown away. The main character and his friends are great influences on kids, and the customer service is excellent.

- Chris, San Diego

Paper Airplane App

As a preschool teacher, I do NOT support apps babysitting kids.  At a library demonstration which, truthfully, I was concerned about, I was stunned. Each app in this series is more of a shared experience than a hand-off. Kids were engaged with both the story and each other. 

- Anna, NYC

Apple Tree App

I was asked to test Little Deer Engineer and the Apple Tree app with my iPhone and provide feedback. This was for its second released version. It was a little buggy, and there was no music shut-off feature. Other than that, I LOVED the concept, actual story, illustrations, and hope there are more apps to come from this developer!

- Jamie, Boston


My five-year-old son is a type one diabetic. Trying to keep him healthy and happy when his blood sugars are out-of-wack can be difficult and frustrating. We started him on a continuous glucose monitor a few months ago, and this is his favorite story to read before bed!

- Mike, Pittsburgh

Kaleidoscope App

My husband's job requires our family to be on the road often.  My twin girls' last preschool teacher recommended we try a Little Deer Engineer app before we left for our next move. We had to drive for three days, and read the kaleidoscope story every night in different motel rooms. Our daughters cuddled up to us and relaxed while we read and touched our way through the story. Much better than tv!!! Great for traveling!

- Holly, Vermont

Paper Airplane App

I thought I would never support a young child looking at a phone screen except to take pictures. Then I had my daughter. She has a chronic condition that sometimes sends us to the hospital. On our last visit I downloaded the paper airplane app, and we first read it together while waiting for an update from the doctor. It was convenient for me and calmed her down. We were even able to make a paper airplane with paper a nurse provided for us. She ended up playing it four more times that day so just so she could take her time looking at the illustrations. I could not support this series more.

- Kristi, Austin